Why We're Different

Unlike most of our competition, we take the time to make sure that ALL of our Pre-Owned inventory is PRICED RIGHT when we make it available for sale online. Due to continuous market and inventory changes, this process consumes hours of our time every day, but we feel that it's an important step in insuring our customers have an EASY and ENJOYABLE shopping experience at Bob Poynter. We understand that a large number of consumers still want to "haggle" over price, and while it may seem strange to some, we simply don't allow ourselves the typical markup to negotiate much, if at all, from the listed price you'll find online. In other words, if you're interested in offering us THOUSANDS less than the listed price we simply don't do business that way.


Our large selection of NEW inventory is priced at the MINIMUM amount we can accept without exception unless you qualify for additional rebate from the manufacturer (owner loyalty, military, college grad, supplier, etc.) when applicable. In some cases a consumer may have to forego some rebate to take advantage of manufacturer supported special finance rates. Our WEB ONLY price INCLUDES ALL consumer rebates made available to the general public and dealer discount. WEB ONLY prices will at times not be displayed in our NEW vehicle listings, this only happens during periods of website maintenance and re-pricing when necessary due to manufacturer rebate changes. We've sold NEW vehicles to customers in over 20 states in America because of our aggresive online pricing structure, we feel this is a testament to the fact that you simply CAN NOT find the same vehicle for less ANYWHERE at ANYTIME.


We never charge Documentation Fees, Title Fees, or Locate Fees of any kind... NEVER HAVE and NEVER WILL.